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The biggest Disney fan around

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19 July 1985
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My name is Joanna, and I am probably the biggest Disney fan around. I grew up a Disney fan, thanks to my parents. I have my mom and dad, and my 7 siblings (my 4 sisters, one older, and 3 brothers). I attended Montclair State University, and that is where I found out about the College Program. I have done the CP 4 times. I did Spring 2005 (Fantasyland merchandise), Fall Advantage 2006 (character attendant), Summer 2007 (Epcot WS custodial), and Summer 2008 (QSFB/character attendant). And I also will be doing Fall 2009 in Attractions (the plan is to hopefully go FT after the CP ends). This journal is all about me, my life, and my experiences.

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