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Mar. 1st, 2015



Today was the bowl-a-thon, and it was a lot of fun! Because it fell in the middle of the day, I didn't do anything beforehand. I got to sleep in until 10, which felt really nice. I left around 1:10, which I thought would be enough time (but wound up almost not being enough). The drive started out easy enough, but halfway I hit a really bad patch of rain. It was so bad, I literally was almost over the steering wheel (because I couldn't see 2 feet in front of me). Luckily it didn't last too long, but it was still really terrifying. When I got there, luckily I didn't have any problems finding parking. And inside, I didn't have problems getting shoes or finding the lanes for the Shows/Atmo team. Initially I thought I wouldn't have a team (but I wound up being with Skippy, Dutch, and Dutch's wife Amber). We had quite a nice turnout! We were next to the techs. Ones I knew were Julia (who brought the baby), Dalton, and Pilger. Speaking of babies- Dutch brought his! She's only 4 weeks old, and soooo precious! One highlight was that I got to hold Julia's baby (oh my goodness- he is such a good baby!). Anyway. I bowled *horribly*! My first game I only scored 29 (with 8 straight gutterballs). But the second game I scored 65.

So all in all, it was a nice day. I just wish the weather could have been the same for yesterday (when I really didn't want it to rain). But whatever.

Feb. 17th, 2012


Dreams come true...on the Dream!!

Dreams come true! I just got back from sailing on the Dream, and it was AMAZING!! Such an awesome vacation. Hopefully I'll be able to remember everything to write down.

Sunday, Feb 12
Sunday was the day the cruise set sail. Back when I booked, my dad and I felt it would be best taking a shuttle over (since I get lost VERY easily). So I left for the airport just after 8, and I arrived around 8:45. It wasn't too hard finding the check-in counter for DME (though it was a bit of a hike). The best part about checking in at the airport was that everything was taken care of there, instead of having to be done at the port. So I got my room card with my dining rotation on it (on DCL, you rotate around the 3 restaurants with the same dining staff and table mates. My rotation was Enchanted Garden, Royal Palace, and Animator's Palate the last 2 nights), my shuttle card (I was in the first group to go), and my loading group (I was in Group #3. Yes!). Then there was nothing to do but wait- the first shuttle didn't leave until 9:45. Luckily I had a book. So after checking my suitcase, I settled down to wait. The ride down was not bad. The first glimpse of the ship was awesome! I think my jaw dropped. It wasn't too bad getting in to the waiting room. I had all my stuff taken care of, so time for more waiting. I took a lot of pictures of the model of the ship, and got my picture with Captain Mickey! Minnie wasn't out that day there, but I had a feeling I would see her on the ship. Once they started calling numbers, it didn't take long at all to get on the ship. I think I only had to wait 5 minutes or so. One cool thing was as the groups entered the ship, cast members announced each party. So that was neat. Lunch was being served, so I headed up to Cabana's. The food was not bad. Now came the longest wait though. The rooms wouldn't be opened until 1:30, so I just wandered around. I started a game of Midship Mystery Agency, with the missing paintings. And at 1, I took one of the tours. The guides were Jeff and Caitlin. They were both nice, but Caitlin was sooo energetic! The tour ended just around 1:30, so I went off to my stateroom. It was on Deck 5, which was really nice. And the room itself was great. It was a little cramped with the position of the couch, but the bed was really comfy. I didn't have much luck with seeing the Disney characters on the porthole, so hopefully better luck next time. Since I had time until the boat drill at 4, I dropped off my bags and went off to explore. I took more pictures, and finished my game. The boat drill wasn't bad (though it did get quite loud). Once it ended, I took off for the top deck so I could see the Sail-Away show. As the elevators were on the slow side, I took the stairs...7 decks' worth. Whew, that was a workout! But I did get there in time for a front row seat. And the show was cute. After the show ended, I went to get changed for dinner, and then meet characters! The VIPs were out in sailor outfits, and were really cute. Then it was down to Enchanted Garden for dinner. The food was really good! I had tomato soup, beef tenderloin with veggies, and dessert- strawberry cheesecake and chocolate mousse! Sooo yummy. My tablemates were Ken and Glenn (who had just been recently married), Justin and his mom Renee (funny story- Justin is a character performer! What are the chances that I would wind up with a CM at my table. I told him I would visit his friend Mrs. Incredible on Sunday), and Barbara and her son (I want to say his name is Chris). They were all really friendly, and I liked them a lot. The show was Golden Mickeys, and it was cute. The only bad thing is that they had changed the rules regarding photography, and it was not allowed at all. So sad! After the show ended, I headed off to bed.

Monday, Feb 13
This was the day we stopped at Nassau. I wasn't planning on getting off, so I stayed on the ship. I spent a lot of the day meeting characters. One of my favorites was seeing both Max and Goofy up on the sports deck playing golf! And they were both pretty good. And they both were in golf outfits, which made me happy. The characters were in formal outfits, and they were soooo cute! I loved Minnie and Daisy's dresses. Dinner was at Royal Palace. I wasn't as impressed with the food this time. I had a salad and beef, but again dessert- I had a Grand Marnier souffle, cheesecake, and a sundae. They were all sooo good, especially the souffle. The show was Villians Tonight. I know people that didn't like it, but I loved it. I thought the villians were great, especially Hades, and Yzma/Kronk.

Tuesday, Feb 14
Day at Castaway Cay! Due to some reason (I believe it was a medical emergency), we were delayed getting there. But that was fine with me! Why? They had the characters that would have been meeting around the island on the ship, and that made it a lot easier finding them. I found Chip and Dale, Mickey, Pluto, Daisy, and Captain Jack on the ship. By then, we had arrived. I was able to find Minnie and Goofy on Castaway Cay, but I gave up meeting Donald (because it would have meant running back to the ship, and I probably wouldn't have made it). The island was really nice. I made my way to the second stop, by Pelican Plunge. It was fun! The only annoying part was that you had to swim out to the slides, and the swim back to the beach was not fun (because I kept inhaling water after dropping off the slide). I rode several times, then took a break (plus by then, the line was getting crazy). Once lunch started, I grabbed some then decided to go back to the ship. I figured since I was wet, it was a good time to hit up the AquaDuck. Man, that was fun! I can see why it had such big lines. I rode 5 times in a row before going back to the room. And there I found out that I got sunburned...pretty bad on my left arm too. Youch! This was the night of the pirate event! I had decided to dress up for this, and had my pirate outfit from Halloween. All the characters loved it! I met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale, and Stitch (Pluto was not out, for some reason). They were all soooo cute! I also met Captain Jack again. Dinner was at Animator's Palate, and the pirate menu was not that good. I skipped dessert to go up and get a good spot for the deck show. Luckily I was able to get a decent spot (the one annoying thing is that the strap from the rope winds up in the pictures). By this point, I was not feeling that great (especially because of the sunburn), so I decided to call it a night early. I feel bad I missed the fireworks (I have heard they are great), but there's always next time.

Wed, Feb 15
This was the at-sea day. I didn't really do much. I slept in, then went to see the Muppets movie in the theater. I decided it would be fun to play bingo afterwards, so I went to that. I didn't win, but it was still fun. There was an afternoon showing of that day's show, Disney's Believe. So I decided to see it. It was great! I still keep singing the opening song. I then went to see which characters were out for the main meeting. It was just the VIPs in sailor outfits. So I skipped it (since it was a bit crazy). Dinner was at Animator's Palate again. I enjoyed the menu better this time, though it took forever for everything to arrive. I had the potato and cheese soup, which was AMAZING!!, beef with veggies and mashed potatoes (are you seeing a theme here?), and dessert was peanut butter cheesecake and a ice cream sundae. Then it was time for the show, which I decided to see again. And then it was time to go pack. After packing, I decided to go see Muppets again, as a final hurrah. And funny thing is, a lot of people had the same idea. After it ended, it was time to go back to the room.

Thurs, Feb 16
Sadness! Cruise is over. I had decided to skip breakfast, and sleep in. So after getting up, I headed down to the lobby as the ship had docked and people could disembark. I dropped off the comment card, and left. Getting through customs wasn't bad, though finding my suitcase was a pain. The trip back went quickly, and I was back at the airport. Bye Dream!

Final note- the trip was a lot of fun, and quite relaxing. I booked again onboard, and if all goes well will be sailing on the Fantasy in Sept or Oct. Oh yes, I almost forgot! On the last day, I saw my friend James there! It was so good to see him! I don't see him very often anymore because he does Disney Live! on tour. I am very jealous.

Aug. 22nd, 2011


An awesome day with friends

Today was a lot of fun! I had made plans a couple of days ago to hang out at Universal with friends, and then yesterday I was told about meeting at a BK for breakfast beforehand (which was fine with me). Unfortunately I got lost, and went to the wrong one (apparently there are a few in that area). Luckily it was just down the road, and I was there within a few minutes. Even being late, I was still second there. For breakfast, I had a chicken biscut sandwich, mini hash browns, and a sprite. Overall it was pretty good. Once everyone was there, we were off (overall it was me, Mark, Chris, Laura, Gregg, and 2 friends of Laura's- Jennifer and David). Since Mark doesn't have an AP, I went with him so I could help him with parking. He was happy about the parking spot we got (since I have a premiere pass, we got preferred parking). We started at IoA. First we went on One Fish, Two Fish (I hadn't been on that ride in forever). I rode with Chris, and we decided to not follow the rhyme. It was a good thing too, as it was pretty hot out. After that, we were off to WWoHP. We saw the Frog Choir, which was pretty cute, then got into line for Forbidden Journey. The posted time was 60 min, but we didn't even wait 40. And the most interesting thing happened while on the ride- I finally got stuck! We had just entered the Quiditch scene, when we stopped, and the projection turned off. And the "benches" were tilted forward. Then right before we started moving again, the benches started rocking back and forth, then whipped right into the Forbidden Forest/Dementors scene (and I almost had a heart attack with the first dementor). Luckily I had ridden before, so that didn't ruin anything for me. After we finished riding, we got lunch at the 3 Broomsticks. I went with my side items again (salad, roast potatoes, and wedges). After lunch, we went over to Studios. There we rode Mummy, saw Beetlejuice (I taped the entire performance of the interpreter), rode ET, and saw Horror Makeup Show. After that, it was just after 6pm. So we headed for the exit (first stopping for Laura and Jennifer to buy their HHN passes). Mark dropped me back at the BK for my car. And I was going to go home, but me and Chris decided to see HP 7.2. It was just as good as the first time I saw it! So overall, a very good day

Aug. 6th, 2011


A weekful of music

Wow, what a week it has been! I was luck to get to see great shows all week long. Encore had 6 performances (3 this week, and 3 last week), and Hadley's Hope had 3 shows this week as well. I ended up going to 4 of the 6 Encore shows (3 as a volunteer, and once as a guest), and saw all 3 Hadley's Hope shows. Encore was amazing, as always! Even though it wasn't last years' show, it was still really good. The music was really moving. I taped the show on Thurs, and will hopefully start uploading the videos within the next few days. And I think next year's show will be very good. Now, Hadley's Hope. On Sunday I was there with Jessica, Wed I was there with Jose and Rachel, and then last night I was by myself. I loved all 3 shows. I got a lot of pictures. In fact, last night I even got complimented by the new bass player (Micah) for taking a lot of pictures. Well, in final news, the results for Candlelight go up on Tues. I am soooooo nervous! I don't know what I'll do if I don't get in. Seriously, Candlelight is the highlight of my year. Well, here's hoping.

Wow, I can't believe I forgot this. The night of the last Encore show, I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in forever. I saw Mike from CSC (who I actually hadn't seen since last year's show), Tim W, Mike Taylor (who I found out is Victoria's cousin!), Tommy, among others

Jul. 28th, 2011


Working with Pooh!

I finally got an attendant shift today! The funny thing is, I almost didn't get it. I had called DHS base around 8am, and called MK base around 8:30. I still hadn't heard back around 10:30 when I sent a text to my dad, complaining about the Mets trading Carlos Beltran. However, when I heard the reply go off, I noticed that I had a missed call...and I never had the phone ring!!! Somehow DHS base had called back, and it went straight to voice mail. I seriously almost had a heart attack! Luckily, it didn't mess things up, and I had a shift. I got to work with Pooh in Animation (the only bad thing is I guessed wrong with the pants size, and they looked really funny, as the legs were on the short side). I loved everyone I worked with today. My co-attendant Jill was great, really helpful. And I loved my Pooh. The day went by faster then I thought it would. When the Fant sets came out, I got to see Jason (and he looked shocked to see me there- I think he forgot I'm attendant-trained). Emily P stopped by (and she was definitely confused to see me in attendant. I'm sad it was her last day though). And the best part- Jen stopped by! She was there to see Pooh (she was good friends with Pooh), and was on her way to Encore practice. Speaking of which, I may be volunteering for the shows. Fingers crossed it works out. Anway. After our last set, I assisted with the Incredibles' last set. Luckily it was not busy at all. There were soooooo many cute babies/little kids today. I loved watching them with Pooh.

So Universal/ WB announced a HP event in Nov, and I want to go to this soooooo badly! Unfortunately, I do not need the resort or park tickets though. I really, really, REALLY want the autograph session and Q&A session (and the nightime gala sounds fun too). If things stay the way it is, I won't be able to go (I just can't justify $700, especially because of the cruise I'm going on, and that I'm getting a new camera). However, on the bottom of the page, it says "there will be additional ways for a limited number of people to participate in celebration events. Stay tuned for details". So I have my fingers crossed that there will be packages for passholders, or that they will sell the events individually (without needing the resort or park tickets). I really hope this will work out, as it sounds amazing!!

I never got to post about my birthday. I worked on my actual birthday (I was up in Gangster, and closed that evening). And I ended up with a mandatory 6th day on the Wed. So I spent Thurs as my birthday. I got to see Bridget in GR, and she gave me my button. I was also able to get a lunch ADR at Sci-Fi. The morning I spent meeting characters. I was able to see Daisy and Donald, Minnie, Chip and Dale, and Goofy and Pluto at the Hat (I got the best picture with Goofy and Pluto! The photographer suggested that I hold out my braids the way they do, so all 3 of us are holding out ears/braids. It's a really cute picture). Then I went to see Phineas and Ferb. Man that line moves slowly! But it's a cute setup. I had lunch. And it was good. But I just wasn't that hungry for some reason. After lunch, I rode Star Tours (I finally got my favorite ending again- I hadn't had it in forever), and saw Muppets. The best thing happened afterwards. I was able to get my picture with Sweetums! He was really nice too. When I got out of Muppets, I went out to dinner with Julie. We went to McDonald's, and then stopped by Super-Target. I finally found Ultimate Edition HP 5 and 6 there!! I had been searching for them for THE longest time! Now I just need 7.1 and 7.2 (which most likely won't be out until next year, at the earliest).

Jul. 15th, 2011


Harry Potter 7.2

Waaaah! I can't believe the series is over :( I seriously grew up following Harry Potter (I may sound like a dork, but it is true). I first started reading the books in 1999, and went to all the movie midnight releases (which started in 2001). But anyway. Yesterday I spent the day at Universal with Chris and Nicole. Unlike 7.1 (which released in Nov, so the weather was manageable), the weather yesterday was HOT!! I was dying in my outfit. But I did manage to last the whole day in it. We started at IoA, and got there around 10:15 or so. We wanted to do Forbidden Journey, but the standby line was 2 hours (and single rider was all the way down to the starting point). So we skipped that. We rode Blue on Dragon Challenge with Jimmy, then we split (before WWoHP, we rode Cat in the Hat). We then got lunch at 3 Broomsticks. I wasn't that hungry, so I just got side dishes (potato wedges, roasted potatoes, and the salad). I can't remember if we did anything else at IoA, but I know we did Shrek and Horror Makeup show at Universal. We also rode ET. It was about 4pm at this point, so we left and went over to Citywalk. Now, when we were going in at 10am, there were people already waiting in line for the movie...since 3am!! That's crazy! Anyway, when we got there, there were about 40-50 people in line before us. So we settled down for our nice 7.5 hour wait. The bad part happened towards the middle of our wait. Instead of doing things like they did last year (where they put people in theaters based on the line- ex. first 50 in #1, next 50 in #2, and so on), they were going based on the theater number! Luckily me and Chris were able to trade tickets around (because we both would have been seperated from our party). Unfortunately, Jen and Nina's group didn't get in with us. I serously hated how they did it. Last year worked so well too. Our theater was let in around 8:30 (it was nice being able to sit down inside, and I could finally charge my phone- the battery was below 10%). While waiting, I watched Youtube videos (mostly HP 7.2 trailers, but also started watching Mr. Holland's Opus). At 11pm, they started running the loop that plays before the previews, so that was nice having something to watch. The last hour went really fast. And then...it was time! Oh man...I really enjoyed the movie. It was short (the shortest out of the 8). But I could definitely watch it again. And I was bawling during a few scenes. After the movie, they opened up WWoHP for everyone. The rides, with exception of Flights, were not running. But the shops were all open, and people could do the Castle Tour if they wanted. And the 2 shows were running. All in all, a fun day. I probably will wait a week or so before seeing the movie again.

And speaking of movies- I saw Cars 2 with Mark on Wed. Before the movie, we had lunch at Earl's (I got the Earls Club, which I had never had before. And it was really good). Then it was off to the movie. I love the soda machines they have there! I got Vanilla Rootbeer, which was awesome! Now, for the movie- it was ok. I thought it was cute. But way too much Mater. Worth seeing once. And it was fun hanging out with Mark. We may be seeing another movie next week.

Jun. 8th, 2011


booked my first cruise!

I am sooooo excited! Today I decided to bite the bullet, and booked my first-ever cruise! On Feb 12, I will be sailing on the Disney Dream. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I saw reports from 2 friends that just got back from the Dream, and it looked amazing (especially with all the characters around). I had trouble deciding between 3 or 4 nights (especially since it was almost $270 difference). However, my dad convinced me to just go for it, and take the 4-night (which I am). As of now, it's just me. There is a chance I may be joined by 2 friends though. And it's funny, but I'm already in the thinking-ahead stages of planning another cruise (and I haven't even gone on the first one!). I really want to take a 7-night cruise on the Magic, because of the shows. There are 2 shows on the 3/4 nights on the Dream (that I am sure of). However, there are at least 5 on the Magic (and I have the audio to 2 of those). Eeeek, I am just so excited!! I hope the time flies by

Apr. 15th, 2011



I can't believe April is halfway over! It feels like it just started yesterday. In one month, I'll have been FT for a year. So excited! Anyway. Two days ago, I was up in Gangster for 14.5 hours...7:45am-10:45pm. That was a loooong day. And the worst part is, we had to tag 2 guns because of problems (which means we are now down to 6 guns overall for gangsters). The issue was mine was that the hammer would not lock down. So I couldn't shoot the gun. And the worst part is, that it was my favorite gun. I hope it doesn't take too long to get it back. Wed night I went out to dinner at Beaches and Cream with Melissa, Katie, and Civanna. That was a lot of fun! We all got the same thing too, which was funny (burger and fries). For desert, I got a smoothie of orange sherbert, vanilla ice cream, and seltzer...soooo good. While at Beaches and Cream, we saw Kyle (one of our old TAs). It was great seeing him, and then saw him again yesterday.

Now, on to today. After work, I filmed a scene for a "commercial" James wants to do for Oscars. It took everything I had not to burst out laughing. And I already know I am going to die from embarassment. I hope I can help out with the other skit too. Then afterwards, I show-requested Jon (it was his last day in gangster for awhile, since he'll be at Star Tours), then went to Walmart to get my copy of Harry Potter 7.1 and finally found the Late Night snack ice cream

Thank goodness tomorrow is a nice, short day! I need it after this week. So many hours!

Mar. 16th, 2011



I can't believe March is halfway over already! Man, time is flying by. I feel bad I haven't posted yet in this month, but I haven't really had anything to post about. Everything is going well. I finally had a Muppets shift (which I picked up off the HUB), and it was super easy. It was 5 hours long, and it flew by. I did a little preshow, a few shows in theater, and ended the night at Photocell. GMR is going well too. The other night there was an event after work at Pizza Planet, and it was a lot of fun. All the games were on for free, which was great. I spent a lot of time on DDR and Guitar Hero, and also played a few games of air hockey. I hope Icon can host something like that again. Into the Woods was the first weekend in March. I ended up going the first night, but wasn't able to go again because the show filled up before I could get tickets (not a big shocker there- the show was being held in a conference room). It was good, and I'm glad I went. I think I may have gone overboard on taking pictures though. I also auditioned for a different STAGE play, called One Night at Louie's. And I'm pretty sure that will be the last time I audition. Why? I never got a response back- no email, no call, nothing. I think that's pretty unprofessional. Yesterday I attended a class held through Disney U. And it was really good! It was hosted by the 2 WDW Ambassadors, and the class was called On Top of our World. Basically it went over all the new things that are happening now at Disney. Everything looks really nice, and makes me want to visit the other parks (especially the resort at Hawaii). Plus the 2 ambassadors were really nice (and I loved listening to Norm's accent). I think that's everything for now

Feb. 28th, 2011


Goodbye Feb!

Wow, I can't believe Feb is over already! It feels like Feb just started. But now it's March (and I have a feeling that March will fly by as well). Training is in full swing at GMR. I love thinking back that last year, that was me. I think we should have gotten all the CPs in now (unless we get any for Spring Quarter), so anymore training now would be cross-training. And speaking of cross-training (I can't believe I didn't post anything for this), I am now trained at Muppets! I got cross-trained right after I got back from the wedding. It was really easy. Training was 3 days (plus an assessment). I had Kay for Day 1 (and I was with Claire, which was nice), had James for Day 2 and 3, and had George for the assessment (again, with Claire). Compared to GMR, Muppets is nothing. There are 5 positions at Muppets (and 2 aren't always out, like if Muppets is shortstaffed). They are: Greeter, Photocell, Pre-Show, Theater, and Exit (Greeter and Exit can be dropped, while the others have to be up). Photocell takes care of Greeter if it's dropped, and Pre-Show takes care of Exit if it's dropped. But like I said, it's really easy. I didn't need all 3 days (I would have been fine with 2). And the trainers were all really nice. I don't know how often I'll be scheduled there (with the current bid, I picked time of day. So I probably won't be there too often). But I may pick up a shift every once in awhile.

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